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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ➢ Payment Information
    The deposit is 1/2 of the total amount owed and does not include gratuity. A booking invoice will be sent to your e-mail upon request for a booking. A 50% deposit/payment is required to secure your booking. This is paid securely online through the booking email you receive with a credit or debit card. The balance due is paid onboard by credit card, debit card, or cash. A gratuity may be added to your final payment, paid onboard. Cards are not held on file, so it is imperative a card is brought onboard.
  • ➢ Sun Protection
    Sunglasses and a hat or visor is always recommended. Sunscreen is not provided, so please bring your own. A cream style is preferred as oils and sprays are difficult to work with on a vessel. Sprays will not be allowed.
  • ➢ Alcoholic Beverages
    Some vessels provide White Wine and beer. You are always welcome to bring your preferences onboard with the exception of Red Wine, as that is not allowed on any vessel. Any liquor is allowed as well, and some vessels have the necessary mixers, lemons, limes, etc. (Please check on your specific vessel) Any guest that appears inebriated or seems to be over-indulging will be asked to slow down for their safety. The crew will deny service in the event a passenger is over-intoxicated.
  • ➢ Food Items
    Birthday Cakes, or Cupcakes are certainly welcome for occasions. We ask that you choose light colors for obvious reasons. Any other food items must be approved in advance and some items may require a cleaning fee. Anything brought onboard must be removed by the passengers at the end of their charter. Absolutely no large ice chests may be brought onboard for any reason.
  • ➢ Smoking
    Vapes, pens, etc. are allowed in designated smoking areas only and only non-Cannabis products allowed Cigarette smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas only. Any damage done as a result of will be the responsibility of the guest Cigars are not allowed without prior approval. If approved, any damage done as a result of will be the responsibility of the guest. Marijuana, regardless of being legal in the State of California is not allowed as it is not recognized by the Federal Government as legal. The Federal Government, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard governs the oceans.
  • ➢ Music System
    This vessel has a fabulous music system that you can plug into through a mixing board or connect with Bluetooth and play throughout the entire vessel. Any iPhone, Samsung Phone, pads, small laptops using a USB will connect effortlessly. You may stream music through our Free Wi-Fi using the platform of your choice.
  • ➢ Safety
    A pre-departure safety presentation will be provided by the Captain or First officer at the start of every voyage. Our vessels are held to the highest standard of safety by The U.S. Coast Guard and carry all required safety items inlcuding, PFD's, life rings, horns, whistles, beacons, etc. IBA'S and life floats are equipped on vessels that carry greater than 6 passengers. Each vessel is equipped with Personal Flotation Devices adequate for the number of passengers and crew allowed as well all sizes including children and infants.
  • ➢ Motion Effects
    Many people may be affected by motion, and even on a very calm day, vessels will move with the ocean. For those that are affected, we suggest taking the over the counter, Bonine or Dramamine at least 45 minutes prior to the start of your voyage. Bonine will be available on all vessels for our passengers, as well as civilized " motion affected bags"
  • ➢ Clothing
    High heels, spike heels, boots with hard soles are not allowed for various reasons. Any elevation of heels can affect stability of passengers and this needs to be considered when choosing your footwear. Spikes heels, high heels and hard sole boots or shoes can damage decking. Feel free to wear your choice of footwear to the vessel, and then be prepared to change into something more appropriate prior to boarding. Passengers may go barefoot if they choose. All vessels have weather exposed decks as well as weather protected decks. This will allow a passenger to be onboard in an area that provides comfort from the elements, or pleasure from the elements. A light jacket or sweater is always a good idea to have available.
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